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Coaching with Greta

Please allow me to be your partner in clarifying and achieving your goals.

I serve as a support and confidential thinking partner.   I create a safe, non-judgmental space for reflection, exploration, and affirmation. 

I have coached a wide variety of individuals, across 7 countries and helped them to accomplish, accelerate or enrich aspects of their lives, such as:

Leadership Development

Professional Fulfillment

Self-Awareness & Presence

Time Management & Prioritization

Personal Values Exploration & Alignment

Relationship & Communication Effectiveness

Improved Personal Wellbeing 

My passion is helping you achieve success in your personal and professional life. I specialize in professional fulfillment and leadership development.  I can help you navigate highly charged issues like healthcare coverage, financial security, and identity. Together, we can create a plan to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.


Coaching sessions are: 

  • Confidential

  • Delivered via teleconference

  • 45-minute each

  • Conducted using ICF Standards


Henrik, Austria

Greta excels as a highly skilled coach. Under her expert guidance, I've acquired invaluable insights into my motivations and the decisions I've made. This transformation has resulted in newfound confidence in my choices and personal journey. I've been particularly impressed by her exceptional interpersonal skills, which fostered an environment of shared laughter during our sessions. This atmosphere made it easy to form a genuine connection, largely thanks to her approachable nature.

Emily, Illinois

Greta is an insightful and effective coach. She strikes the perfect balance between empathy and challenge that lets me feel heard and motivated to make the changes I need to make. I am able to think about my stuck places through an expanded lens so I can see opportunities for improvement that I didn’t realize were there. Highly recommended!

John, Minneapolis

Greta is a fabulous, genuine and skillful coach! I've hired several personal and professional coaches in my time and what differentiates Greta is her artful rapport building, crafty questions and authentic being in it with me. Greta's tracking of how I see the world and where I want to go is very non-judgmental, caring and encouraging. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to become their next best version of themself!

Mavis, Singapore

Greta has helped me resolve many issues as a coach, and she has also seen me evolve in my life. She is non-judgmental, and always listened to me patiently. I would strongly recommend her as a coach if you need someone to talk to. She has a very high energy level and you would definitely enjoy her company! 

Natasha, Boston

Greta is extremely thoughtful and gently challenges my preconceived notions to push me to think in new ways. She has helped me contextualize the individual struggles and challenges I'm having with everything else going on in my life to help me combat feelings of frustration and imposter syndrome. Excellent coach!

Melissa, New Jersey

I strongly recommend Greta as an executive coach. I have been engaging with Greta as I pondered taking on a leadership role in an organization with historically poor culture. She has continued to be instrumental as I began that role, helping me stay true to my values, explore ways I can respond to sticky situations that are authentic. In addition, her experience in the healthcare setting has proved invaluable in navigating the personalities and dynamics of this organization. I could not have imagined beginning this journey without her guidance.

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Coaching Packages
All packages can be customized to meet your needs.
Package prices will vary, typically $1500-$6000.

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