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Coaching with Greta

Please allow me to be your partner in clarifying and achieving your goals.


I want to serve as a supportive and confidential thinking partner.  Together, we will focus on your goals for the future, personal or professional.  As a coach, I create a safe space for reflection, exploration and reaffirmation of your values.


I have coached a wide variety of individuals, across 7 countries

and helped them to accomplish, accelerate or enrich aspects

of their lives, such as:

  • Leadership Development

  • Professional Achievements

  • Self-Awareness & Presence

  • Time Management & Prioritization

  • Personal Values Exploration & Alignment

  • Relationship & Communication Effectiveness

  • Improved Personal Wellbeing

Confidential sessions are conducted via teleconference

45-minute coaching sessions

Coaching is conducted using ICF Standards


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Greta excels as a highly skilled coach. Under her expert guidance, I've acquired invaluable insights into my motivations and the decisions I've made. This transformation has resulted in newfound confidence in my choices and personal journey. I've been particularly impressed by her exceptional interpersonal skills, which fostered an environment of shared laughter during our sessions. This atmosphere made it easy to form a genuine connection, largely thanks to her approachable nature.

Henrik, Austria

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